Martin Parr Exhibition @ The Hepworth Gallery

On Wednesday Evening I attended the opening night Parr-ty for Martin Parrs latest exhibition The Rhubarb Triangle & Other Stories at The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield.

Martin Parr is my favourite photographer and the first to inspire my work from the beginning of college, I have always wanted to see his work in person and couldn’t think of a better opportunity with this been not only his latest project but several from throughout his career (including my favourite ‘The Last Resort’).

After one train been cancelled and the other delayed I was worried i’d miss the night, but once there it was definitely worth waiting nearly two hours in the cold! Not only did I get to see so much of his work, I was so excited when I was told he was actually there. Feeling very starstruck I could hardly speak a word but managed my name so he could sign a copy of his book and have a picture taken with him.

it’s safe to say I was not disappointed with his work, no matter what the subject everything is so vibrant and almost pops out of the paper. A personal favourite was the collage of snapshots taking up a back wall. He takes such ordinary situations and tells a story that would otherwise have been missed and not thought about again.

I just wish I could have at least plucked up the words thank you to him, for been my inspiration from the very start and helping shape me into the type of photographer I am today.

If you’re reading this Mr Parr (very doubtful),

Thank you!


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