Out in the real world

As this was meant to be a blog about my placement year and so far no posts have been (I do have a part time job on top of a placement so I’m lacking on time) i thought it was probably about time I shared what I’ve been up to.

So… First of all I started a placement as ‘In house photographer’ from The Left Bank clothing in Huddersfield. My role included taking product shots, finding models for shoots and looking after the instagram account.

Although this was going to be my only placement of the year I decided it wasn’t for me as I wasn’t shadowing any photographers and didn’t feel I was learning what I was wanting to. Therefore since the end of September have been at a Commercial studio (Glen Pearson’s Photography Works) in Mirfield.

Here I am a Studio Assistant / Retoucher. I have been able to help out on a variety of different shoots from room sets to bridal fashion. So far I have helped build and style room sets, been given my own project that the client will be using on their website, Retouched everything from mattresses to soaps and generally helped out in the studio. I feel I am gaining a lot of valuable skills to help me when I graduate (aghhh) and although I am worn out,poor and still don’t know what I want to do with my life, I’m so glad I decided to do a placement year!


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