Time for a change!

I haven’t blogged in a few months and after taking a look at my profile decided it needed a face lift! I’ve just started my final year at University *silently cries* so i’ll be using this blog a lot more frequently and want it to look all professional and up to date with all my latest projects both for University and out in the ‘real world’. Here’s what I used to look like…


I was a little bit all over the place with the colour scheme and the theme was a little bit basic (and not in a good way) although I did want to keep my recent posts and archive visible for easy access to all my previous posts.

So here I am now…


All snazzy and professional looking!

And although my recent posts and archive look like they’re gone they’re just on the drop down menu button in the top right, making my page look clean but still with all the handy tools tucked away together just a click away.

It’s really helpful for me to document these changes to see how I develop throughout my final year and beyond not only in my photography skills but in the professional practice too.

Sorry it’s a bit of a boring one, I’ll get back to the photography in my next post!



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