Trip to London: Feminist Avant-garde

Yesterday I took a trip to London with uni to visit the Photographers Gallery and the National Portrait Museum.

Up first was the Photographers Gallery where at the moment the main exhibition is ‘Feminist Avant-garde’ where the work of photographers such as Cindy Sherman was on display. Each artist took a different approach on how they represented feminism but I always got the same feeling of anger, power and strength.

For example in Hannah Wilkes Super-t-art where she used 20 images from her 1974 live performance at the Kitchen, New York. This particular work reminds me of greek nude sculptures of women, like she’s trying to mimic them and play on how sexualised they where through the use of body language.

I also got to see some of Cindy Sherman, Martha Wilson and Ana Mendietas work along with many other amazing pieces. It was so inspiring to see how passionate they where/are about equality and women’s right and how far they’d go to have it spoken about.

I also got the see the wonderful work of Simon Fujiwara and his project about Joanne salley, she has such an interesting story about her struggles with the media and been referred to as ‘the topless teacher’


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