A Talk with Sophie Abbott

This morning we had a skype call with Sophie Abbott, A Freelance photographer and Creative Retoucher for Boohoo who graduated from Huddersfield in 2015.

She explained how she went from graduating to working as a retoucher and photographer for Dorothy Perkins which was mostly E-Commerce to then creative retouching for Boohoo. It was interesting the way she talked about how she felt like she wasn’t been very creative working for Dorothy Perkins and although Boohoo doesn’t involve photographing she feels like she is getting a lot more out of it. It opened my mind to the idea that we have to try out and take oppertunities even if we aren’t that interested in order to get the experience to then build up to bigger and better things.

She also spoke very well about the interview process and how important it is to think about what you would want to know about and what questions you would ask if you where the one interviewing. And also, that their is often more than one person interviewing you so it’s ideal to take not only printed copies of work but a digital version (Which is why i’m happy I invested in an Ipad recently).

It was really interesting to hear about the shooting process of campaign shoots and getting to go through a brief that was visually distributed to everyone who works at boohoo, I never really thought about how moodboards would be important outside of university.

Lastly, something that she kept saying which will stick in my mind whenever I am offered the chance to take part in a shoot is to ‘know your worth’. If it’s not going to benefit me in anyway, I’m not making any money out of it or getting any credits then is it worth my time?


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