A talk with Bronia Stewart

I am a little behind with blogging about all the photographers/artists ect we have had the pleasure of talking to at university recently.

A few weeks back now we had an online talk with Photographer Bronia Stewart. She talked about her work Babe Station, Pepe and Essex and even telling us about future projects which is vert exciting!

It was interesting to hear about her career from the beginning, how you have to learn to say no to things that don’t / won’t benefit you but at the same time you need to take opportunities and learn from them. She spoke about assisting and how important and helpful it is, you’re always learning and building on skills.

There is a common theme growing with these types of talks, and that is how little you get paid for personal projects. You’re always going to need to fund your work and whether thats with Commercial jobs or nothing to do with photography, it’s necessary to fund the projects you enjoy from another source of income.

It was interesting to hear how she approaches her subjects, she said you have to be clear with your intentions, you can’t be definite, projects change and develop and you have to be honest. She also spoke about self imposed deadlines and creating timelines to push yourself which I think is definitely something I have picked up and will keep from University.

Another important point she had was to not promote work that you don’t to associate yourself yourself and your style with. You want to be enjoying what you’re shooting, and you need a balance between not promoting but not judging.

I could ramble on for days about all the valid and important tips and information she gave!


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