A talk with Alexandra Stapleton

This week my ‘a talk with’ is with about Alexandra Stapleton, a former University of Huddersfield photography student now working for Magnum! She came in to talk about her experiences whilst at University and how she has got to where she is today.

Collaborating with other students is something she spoke about being important whilst on the course, theres a lot of different courses such as fashion, textiles and graphics that have a lot of students that would be willing to collaborate, you can help each other out and build up your portfolio.

As i am in the process of making a photo book for my Final Major Project it was interesting to hear how she spoke about her own FMP Broken Bridges, An archival project full of lots of different images brought together by the edit. When it comes to a photobook the edit/layout can make or break it.

After University she spoke about how she funded herself to afford to go to London and do an internship by working in a pub as often as she could and saving up, and the importance of sending emails, even if you don’t get a response straight away it could to something in a weeks, months or even years time. People don’t forget, even if its not your name and just an image, it could help.

Finally, she spoke about what makes a good CV and the importance of it been clean and leading to your website/portfolio. If you’re passionate & positive it can come across more valuable then experience.

She also took the time to talk to me one to one about my project and gave me lots of helpful tips and feedback that have helped develop and improve my work. It was the first time I had got any feedback off a practitioner outside of the course, she had a fresh perspective and it was nice to get her opinion. She suggested that I take more time to photograph the people as I had plenty of shots of the interior.


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