Postgraduate Study

Today was the University of Huddersfield postgraduate fair, I’ve been trying to decide for several months if I was going to stay on and do a Masters in digital media, do a masters in professional practice at Leeds college of Art, or just pack in education all together. But I feel that i’m not quite finished with my studies yet and that a masters will help me build even more on my skills and practice.

I wasn’t sure if i would be able to get funding with me doing a placement year but the fair was really informative not only was I given all the information on funding but I learnt a lot about the course structure and I now feel confident about my decision to carry on at Huddersfield. I was even able to speak to one of the supervisors for the course Rowan who offered to help me with the application process or anything I may have questions about.

I’m so familiar with the facilities and the staff but I still feel that there’s a lot more technically such as the printing facilities that I can learn and a masters can help me with that.


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