Dummy books

Since Christmas I’ve been making dummy books, before doing anything too expensive or time consuming I simply tied pages together and blutacked images in so that I could easily play around with my edit and try different layouts. I then started cellotaping pages together to make more of a bind, still using cheap laser prints.

Last week I decided it was time to start making proper dummies as I had an edit I was quite happy with so wanted to try different papers and sizes and binds. To start I did a simple a5 staple bind on plain paper and then one on silk paper. It was interesting to see the difference in quality between my two images that where printed using the same printer just onto different paper. I decided to stay with the silk paper and this time make the book slightly bigger, I’d already printed a4 laser prints and knew I didn’t want to go that big so I went in the middle and printed 85% on a4 paper and used a left bind this time, but I still wasn’t happy as I needed more of a flat bind and one that wasn’t as obvious to see on the cover.

I also wanted to play with the cover as it was very plain, I didn’t want anything too messy or large so decided to go for something quite simplistic and added the title to the next page. this time I printed on full a4 using silk card for my cover and silk paper for the content and cut down slightly to make my images full bleed. I am very happy with where I am now, after looking through the book myself and getting feedback from a fresh pair of eyes there’s a few minor changes that I’m going to do, then I need to start enquiring about the binding as I’m wanting even more of a flat bind as I have several images that are double paged.

after more than 10 dummies I’m finally happy with where I am!


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