A talk with Sophie Lee

Several months back now Sophie Lee came to talk to us about her projects and Artist Residencies. She began by talking about her project Plain Jane which was her performing the role of Jane in a set which she built herself. It was interesting to hear about how she built the set and spent so much time in there in order to get into character and get the results she wanted. I particularly like the cinematic feel through the use of lighting and the props which have a 80’s vibe about them.


This then lead onto Any Structured Pattern which moved away / builds on Plain Jane. This work appears to have a lot more context in terms of when she talks about The Narrative – Story Telling – Identity, Going to places and responding with a piece of work.

Any structure or mechanism of social order. Institutions arise, develop and function in a pattern of social self-organization, which goes beyond the conscious intentions of the individual humans involved. Encompassing subjective experience of meaningful enactments’. – Wikipedia. (sophie-lee.com)

Sophie also spoke about residencies and how they give you the freedom to play, develop work in a creative community and build international connections that can lead to further opportunities. The importance of social media marketing, Commisions, Open calls, Applying for residencies and attending workshops and talks where all things that she mentioned as to how important they are if you want to get out there and be up to date with the latest projects.

When talking about the application process she gave a few pointers… Sum up what you do/how you do it, Bio, Proof read and Don’t underestimate your experience.

and finally she spoke about her latest project Make Place, a solo exhibition by Sophie Lee investigating the artist’s interpretations into notions of the home and identity. Which reinterprets the story of the last remaining son of the Fjeldsted family in Iceland, Who has now taken up solo residency on the island that they own in order to stop it from being sold.

‘Now, at the age of 75, having built twenty houses and one library, he continues his work, living in almost total isolation. Holding on to a sense of the un-finished, each house is unique and marks a lasting tribute to his mother and siblings. A place of contradictions and myth, the island and its inhabitant are fixed in a state of anticipation, nostalgia, transformation and change.’ (sophie-lee.com)

It was so interesting to hear about all the different projects she has done, but they always come back to the subject of identity in some way.

The exhibition is opening on the 31st March – 9th April 2017 at the Salford Museum & Art Gallery!


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