Experimenting with archive and scanned objects

As my project is based around community, traditions and routine I knew from the beginning that I wanted to include a personal archive into my project. I asked around the the pub for people to bring photographs in that had been taken in the pub throughout the years, I even got to see some with me in that I had never seen before. After collecting a wide range of images taken around the pub I decided to categories them into 2 sections, photographs taken in the main bar and the Lounge area which is where functions are held.

I realised that I had un purposely chosen all the archive photographs taken inside the lounge area of the pub, as this is where birthdays, christmas parties ect where which is a prime time for family photographs. I feel it’s important to add more archive into my book in order to give more of insight into the past of the pub and how little has changed.

I have also been playing around with scanned objects that i’ve collected from the pub that reflect the types of activities people take part in as a community. I’ve included bingo tickets (which is now my front cover), betting slips, race times and raffle tickets. All of these things are a tradition that happen every Sunday in the pub at a certain time and the same people participate in this routine.

I think that both the archive and the scanned objects help build up a sense of what the pub is about which is obviously the importance of my project overall and i’m going to keep making dummies and adding pages until it all fits together more smoothly.



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