Preparing for 3rd exhibition

Our 3rd and final exhibition to show the progress of our projects is coming up on Wednesday and I need to decide which images i’m going to show. My project hasn’t changed that drastically since the last one so rather than show progress through new images I need to think about which images reflect my project best and how the layout will help this.

I printed out 6×4 images to play around layouts and help me decide on which would be best.


I was thinking about mixing up my scanned objects with some of my recently shot images of the interior of the pub but the difference in sizes didn’t really match up. I then thought about creating a collage of archival images that aren’t included in the book, but the work has to be nailed to the boards and I don’t want to ruin them, although after looking at Anders Petersen & JH Engström photo book ‘From Back Home’ (which is going to be discussed in my next post) I’m going to experiment with archival collages within my photo book. 

I’ve decided to use four of the portraits that i’m using in my edit, they’re simple but affective and have a lot of character, showing the different people that go into the pub.


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