Paper types

I had been set for a few weeks on using the printing facilities at University after making all my dummies there so far. I was going to use silk paper as it really brought out the detail in my images, but after putting dummies together i’ve realised that the paper has too much of a sheen to it and makes the pages stick together. I’ve decided I want to use a less shiny paper so I went back to the print bureau to test some different types.

I used the same image on different papers to see what differences the papers made. I tried silk card, ivory paper, premium card and a more basic paper. None of them were what I wanted, they are either too thick, still too shiny or don’t do my images justice so I have decided not to use the print bureau anymore. After speaking to one of my tutors I am going to visit Hobs Repro in Manchester and see if they can help me find what I’m wanting. I know that this is going to be a lot more expensive then using the Universities facilities but I want to be pleased with my final outcome and get the most out of my project.


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