Planning for graduate exhibition

As my final deadlines come closer it’s putting a lot more pressure on me to decide what I want my exhibition to be like. I’ve had several ideas starting with projecting my images onto a wall like slide projections. I got this idea from visiting the photographers gallery, their was two very different projects which both included slide shows. one from photographer Roger Mayne, the sounds of the slides switching and the whole aesthetic has a nostalgic feel, but as even my archival images weren’t on slides to begin with, it wouldn’t represent my images in a realistic way.

Throught out JH Engström and Anders Petersons ‘From back home’ is several collages of polaroids and prints…

9a1cbb18-523c-42c2-b545-ca1d7cf413ebIt reminded me of a red pin board that was in the lounge of the pub when I was growing up. At parties we would take photographs and pin them to the board. I was thinking about adding something similar to my exhibition, but it would look cheap and wouldn’t make much sense to anyone but me and people I would explain it to.

Finally I thought about a more traditional way of exhibiting that included all of my archive. I have chosen six images that I feel show the depth of my project well, these will be a3 sized and framed in white with a white mount to keep it as clean and simple as possible. I am also going to have a perspex case that will have all of my archival photographs in, to do this I will choose which I feel necessary to be on top and visible whilst having the others spread out underneath, still visible but overlapping. Having both my images and the archive gives more of a history to the pub and helps to tell the viewer what the project is about without too much written information. I was thinking about using old, miss matched frames, but decided against this as I thought it would make it look like I was trying to re create the pub or take away from the images themselves.




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