Fundraising Headshots

To help us get to our target to fund our graduate catalogue we set up a head shot day mainly for the drama students. We had previously done mini sessions of 10 minutes for £5 but decided to up the time and cost giving more opportunities for a wider variety of shots. It was nice to get back into the studio again as I haven’t had chance to use them in a while, it was also great to finally be able to help out with one of the fundraising events.

As well as headshot days the group have been doing bake sales, set up a website to try and sell prints and also a fundraising page. Individually we have been set a target to raise £100 which I have raised by asking my lovely family/friends to donate a little in order to get us to our target.

Theres still a long way to go and I hope I can get involved with a lot more of the events the committee are setting up as they’re trying their hardest to get us to our target and i’d like to contribute as much as I can, plus it gets us all together and hopefully enjoying ourselves during our last, very stressful weeks of our degree.

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