entering competitions / bursaries

From the start of the academic year I knew I would have to entry competitions and apply for bursaries in order to get my project out into the industry and get feedback from professionals. I knew there would be a lot of competitively as the photography / art industry is a rather small community, so I was prepared to be turned away but I didn’t want it to get me down or stop be from entering as much as was available that my project would fit into as there’s no point in entering something if my project wouldn’t suite it.

I started with competitions such as Lens Culture, a few days after entering one of my portraits I received an email to say my image would be featured in their gallery, which only a select few are chosen for. I was really happy as it showed my work to a large amount of people, but I knew this didn’t guarantee that I would be selected. I was right as the winners where announced this week.

I had also been selected by my tutors to be entered into the APHE Bursary to go to a photo meet in London, a lot of big names in the industry will be there such as vogues editor. It was a big thing to even be selected and I knew my chances were slim, but I was told my work was of a high standard and even though my project wasn’t chosen I was happy with the feedback.

After a few days of rejection I was starting to feel a little deflated, but yesterday I received an email to say that I had been chosen to present my work at RedEyes Hot House Sheffield event on June 10th. This was a big shock for me as I really struggle talking in front of an audience, but I’m excited to meet all the other talkers and see some interesting projects.

I’ve also applied to exhibit at the Fresh Aire exhibition in Village, Leeds, entered the RPS and AOP student awards and I am going to apply for the Magnum Lens Culture awards in the next couple of weeks. Getting my work out there has been a valuable experience for me and something that is important, especially in todays culture that is obsessed with social media platforms. Theirs instagram takeovers which are particularly useful and which I am going to look at next.


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