Finding the right poet

A few months ago I decided I wanted a poem to be at the beginning of my photo book, at the start of my project I had bought a book of poem written by hull poets as I thought I may come across something that would fit my project. I soon realised that this wasn’t going to happen as my project was so personal, nothing seemed to fit.

I had already approached Yorkshire poet Simon Armitage but he was understandably too busy to help me at such sort notice.

I sent an email out to creative writing students asking for help, and had a lot of responses! I also spoke to a girl who I had been at one of my placements with who has connections with creative writers and poets who where happy to help.

I sent an email describing my project with a selection of images to poet Hannah Batley, I was quite open with the length and the route she could take with the poem and after a few weeks she came back to me with several paragraphs. She didn’t know any of the people in the images, and had never been to the pub but the poem fit perfectly with how the pub is and it’s atmosphere, I’m so pleased with the final outcome and she even asked how I thought the poem should end so my input is part of it too. I was a little worried that one of the customers was a character in the poem and her real name wasn’t used but after reading it all, it works well.

I have now sent my book to print and I’m really excited to see it! Once it arrives I’m going to take it to Spinks & Thackery in Leeds to get it rebound so that the page are more flat for my full bleed images to be shown properly.



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