Sports Luxe Fashion Shoot

I’ve been trying to build up my fashion portfolio whilst completing my final year project. To do this I’ve been collaborating with models, make up artists and stylists to do some test shoots. From posting my shoots on social media I have been approached by other models which again has helped to collaborate on shoots. Test shoots are always fun for all involved as they’re much more relaxed, it’s about experimenting and trying out new ideas and seeing what works.

This shoots theme was sports luxe, a trend that is widely known at the moment. Throughout the day we tried a few different styles, firstly using props such as a tennis racket and baseball bat to create a photo booth type look which was then turned into a photo booth strip. We then went onto an e-commerce look and then a ‘wet’ look which is more high end.

if you want to see more of my shoots please follow my instagram @natashaleigh_photography , There you will also find links to the model, MUA’s and Stylists accounts.

sports luxe0365bandwcrop2sports luxe0433sports luxe0451sports luxe0465sports luxe0491sports luxe0535


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