Fashion Portfolio

Throughout the year, as part of my professional practice module, I wanted to build on my fashion work. I’ve always had an interest in fashion photography but never really focused on it as part of any of my modules. Being part of the University means I have a lot of other courses such as fashion and textiles around me that are always looking to collaborate on projects to help each other out. Not only did I do several collaborative projects with fellow students but also contacted model agencies to see if any models where available for test shoots, this is a great way to build on your portfolio as you only have to pay for travel and again you’re helping each other out in terms of creating more images to help better each others careers.

By the end of April I felt that I had enough images that were good enough to become part of a printed portfolio. I knew that I didn’t want a printed book as this can’t be changed or added too later, having a box means I can alternate my images, and chose which ones best suite certain meatings I may have in the future. I was going to go for a quite plain, black or grey box but when it came to it their was so much choice and I thought a bit of colour would brighten the whole thing up and make it more appealing.

The size is a little big and bulky to carry around but I felt that it was the right size to better suite my images and I didn’t want them to have to be to be any smaller.

below is a selection of images that I chose to add to my porfolio, There’s quite a wide range of styles both photographically and subject wise which shows variety.


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