Source Photographic Review 

As it’s coming you the end of the academic year, I can now start to enter graduate competitions (how scary!). One of the students in my class Source magazine which is currently running a competion for graduate groups to enter, this meant we had to get a group of at least 5 to participate, there’s a fee of £28 per person but our profile stays up for long after we have graduated so it’s a great way of getting your work out there. 

You can submit up to 8 images, which I have done as my project is big and requires as many images from the final edit as possible to show more of the story. 

There’s also an opportunity for one person to be chosen for their images to be made into a photo book, even though my project is already a photo book I think it could be interesting to see how someone else would curate my work. Finally, theirs key people within the industry who choose a selection of images to introduce.

It’s also a lovely way to end the year as a group, showcasing our work together online. 


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