Deadline day

Today is Deadline day! After the stress has left and the dreaded wait for results kicks in, I’ve been thinking about the past academic year and everything I’ve learnt. I always knew that I’d eventually have to write a blog as part of my course, but it was still a very daunting process as it’s so open for everyone to read and see, but as I’ve gotten into it I’ve come to quite enjoy it and think I’ll carry on as I go out into the industry as a graduate. 

Going into third year I was still very reluctant to show my work to anyone, but through the many blog posts, group tutorials, competion entries and instagram features/interviews ( I feel a lot more confident and able to talk about my work. 

I also feel that photographically I’m in a much stronger place, not only have I been focusing on my final major project ‘The Spotted Dog’ but I’ve been able to benefit from the professional practice module and create a stronger fashion portfolio, which has enabled me to collaborate with other students and build industry connections. 

It’s been such a strong year for me and I feel like I’ve developed in all areas, at the beginning of the academic year I never thought I would be able to complete a dissertation but I did it, and much much more! 


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